Sponsor an Orphan
You may wish to donate funds that will be used to help orphaned children in the Kaski district, Nepal. Through your donation to NSK, these orphans will be provided proper education, food and medical care. In the long term, your donation will mean that these children will in time be able to earn their own living and become empowered in their own lives, assisting others such as themselves while fully participating in Nepal’s future.
Sponsor a Woman
Through your donation, you may sponsor a woman so that she will receive training, resource materials and seed money to initiate her own entrepreneurship. Your donation will not only directly assist this woman but will also reach her entire family, benefiting all whom live within this family and touching the entire community. Five hundred US dollars will not only change a women’s life forever, but will also cover all costs for her family's care, creating opportunities for all involved.
Donate goods
NSK is always open for donations, of any size, of school and home goods, including kitchenware. No donation is too large or too small – every item can change a life for the better. We welcome new and gently used supplies of following types: Books, school stationery, sports equipment, computers and computer equipment, school bags, clothes, shoes, socks and kitchen utensils.
1 Initiate and organize income generation and skills oriented programs for marginalized people and help them develop the habit of saving.
2 Develop peaceful societies by organizing human rights campaigns, other related programs and provide legal awareness.
3 Initiate gender awareness and development on the district and national level.
Areas of engagement
1 Skill oriented training/ Income generation/ Saving/ Mobilization.
2 Human rights trainings/ Awareness/ Counseling service.
3 Programs on peace building.
4 Training on legal awareness and community development/ Anti-dowry system program.
5 Training on gender awareness and environmental education.
Ongoing Projects
1 Skill oriented and income generation training.
2 Saving and mobilization of saving.
3 Gender awareness/ Concept development/ Community program.
4 Keeping the environment clean/ Latrine building and sanitation program/ Human rights.
Future Projects
1 Savings Program
2 Tailoring and Handicraft
3 Scholarship Program
4 Tailoring Training
5 Women Leadership Development Program
6 Protest, Procession, Press Releases and Human Rights Program
“As one person I cannot change the world, but I can change the world of one person.” ~ Paul Shane Spear